The CBeebies game show Swashbuckle is popular viewing in the Crowther household – naughty pirates, green gunge, a beautiful heroine, daring feats of ability and audience participation – what’s not to love? (I do hasten to add that we have two young children, otherwise it’d be a bit weird).

For those unfamiliar with the programme, Swashbuckle is a cross between The Crystal Maze and Total Wipeout but for small people – teams of primary-aged children navigate obstacles and solve a series of puzzles to win jewels and ultimately beat the cantankerous Captain Sinker and her crew.

The set is built around the ‘shipwreck’ of the Scarlet Squid – in reality a large climbing frame/soft-play combo which the children move around as the complete their challenges.
We’ve been storing the Swashbuckle set (in our large, heated, fully insured storage facility) and it just needed a quick revamp before going back into the studio – a lick of paint by our in-house scenic artist plus some repair work – to be ship-shape and Bristol fashion.

The set will be back in the studios next week, ready for transmission later this year (our little scallywags will be pleased, mutiny averted).