A custom made shade for Coldplay (well, for their uber swish sound desk anyway)

When it comes to audio production, the DigiCo SD7 is the Ferrari of the live sound world. A console that “offers mind-blowing I/O capabilities and sets new standards in high-density digital processing” (apparently), it is the mixing desk du jour of global rock-stars Coldplay and their sound company Wigwam.

However, as the Coldplay world tour has gotten underway a not-insignificant issue has come to light (quite literally). The desk incorporates three high-resolution touch screens which can’t be seen if it’s too sunny. Now, for those of you familiar with your average Mancunian summer, this might not be a problem when they play the Etihad in June, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be when they’re in Vegas later this year.

However, fear not Chris Martin fans, here at EC we have the solution – a bespoke, hand-crafted canopy to keep the rays away. It’s made with specialist marine grade stainless steel fittings and tube, just like the awnings you find on luxury yachts to protect celebs from UV rays (and the prying eyes of the great unwashed).

The actual sunshade is made from PU coated ripstop nylon (akin to that used by North Face in their high performance jackets) so it’s lightweight and water resistant. It’s also flame retardant and includes a UV inhibitor.

The whole ensemble works on a quick release system that attaches to the specially made SD7 flight cases. It’s easy to set up and take down, has a high quality feel and comes in its own bespoke, protective, branded kit bag.

So whether it’s a ‘Rainy Day’ or ‘Paradise’ (seriously, those are both the names of Coldplay songs, never let it be said we don’t do our research in this place) the DigiCo SD7 will be protected and fully functioning.