Project Description

Warburton’s TV Ad

We recently received a call asking us to provide location set services for the filming of a TV advert – not in itself unusual as we often work on similar jobs. This TV ad, however, was going to feature the world famous Hollywood superstar Sylvester Stallone and the…erm…world famous Bolton bread makers Warburtons – never a dull moment here at EC creative Services.

The job included the building of a mid-sized green screen studio set to create Sly’s ‘Miami’ office, small sets for his bedroom and the bakery locker room, a rising bread oven and a number of other props such as the control switch panel in Sly’s delivery truck.

Clare Clarkson, the Set Designer, said she’d enjoyed working with the team at EC and had found it a really positive experience, “I was a bit worried when I was asked to build the Warburton’s commercial in Manchester as working with a new set building company can be stressful. It turned out that I needn’t have worried though as the team at EC could not have been more helpful. They were all charming and very good. I really recommend them and will definitely use them again”.

You can watch the end product above…..nice buns Sly.

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