Project Description

The Brit Awards

We’re all unashamed Kylie fans here at EC Creative so when we received a call asking us if we could create a set at the Brit Awards for the pint-sized pop princess we were delighted.

The creative idea behind the set was that the picture of Kylie on the front of her latest CD comes to life and begins performing.

Consequently we were asked to build a 4 metre high technically complex ‘computer tower’ (I know, remember them – we all had ‘em in the days before mobile technology) with the following independent moving elements:

  • A moving ‘bed’ on skates for the CD drawer which used limit switches to ensure it stopped on cue
  • A CD made of acrylic mirror (the size of Ms. Minogue) that was ejected by the drawer and pivoted upwards with enough strength to lift itself, its frame and Kylie herself in a smooth and secure manner
  • A hydraulic platform which rose from the stage in front of the tower for Kylie to step onto as she moved away from the CD

All these components also had to work in reverse, so the CD shifted back down and into the drawer and the platform moved back to become flush with the stage. The whole thing was a brilliant example of the types of mechanical and electrical engineering that our team at EC is capable of.

There were a few nerves on the night from our on-site technician Paul who was operating the tower and also from Kylie herself (she’s lovely by the way). Thankfully the show went without a hitch and the set looked stunning, as you can see here:

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