Project Description

MTV Europe Music Award

Live event jobs don’t come much bigger than those with MTV, and the Europe Music Awards in Frankfurt back in the early noughties were no exception. With a live audience of 5,000 people and a global audience of approximately one billion (yep, that’s ONE BILLION) the pressure was definitely on to produce something world-class.

The end result was an enormous set that took the EC Creative team 16 weeks to construct, 10 artic trucks to shift and a week to build on-site.

It included an 8 metre high curved backdrop made out of huge 3D boxes, a number of large balconies and staircases plus walkways either side of the stage. It also included two giant 3D ‘heads’ sculpted from steel and then covered in cloth.

As both a work of art and a performance space the set needed to not only look fantastic but also be fully functional – when Jay-Z is serenading three hundred ladies during ‘Girls, Girls Girls’ on stage (these were his pre-Beyonce days) you’ve got to be confident that your build can withstanding a lot of bumping and grinding.

Fortunately our set was robust enough to take it, as you can see here:

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