Project Description

CBBC Newsround

For some of us the last time we had occasion to watch CBBC’s Newsround was back in John Craven’s day but this thrice daily BBC news programme for children is still going strong and has been since 1972.

The set is a permanent install at MediaCityUK in Salford and when it needed an update recently the Production Designer, Emma Dibb, called us here at EC.

Emma and the production team wanted an entirely new look and feel to this small studio set in line with an update to the branding for the show.

In response we manufactured a new rostrum to create more floor space and to provide accessibility for wheelchair users. We added a new light box to the front of the rostrum along with rubber dot flooring for the rest of the studio, a bespoke coffee table and a new handmade sofa.

One of the biggest challenges was the installation of the new set because it was being built around the existing set and video wall – which was still being used throughout the day. Consequently our installation team had to work overnight for three consecutive nights to build the set whilst ensuring the studio was in good working order in-between.

In another twist one of our engineers got stuck in a goods lift – without any ‘phone signal – for four hours on one of the nights – we’ll take his word for it that he wasn’t actually catching up on a few winks during his wait to be rescued.

Emma was delighted with the revamp, saying “This was a tricky install with a tight budget but EC Creative delivered exactly what was required for the new look Newsround set, many thanks to all those involved”.

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