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Billionaire Boy

Billionaire Boy was a recent BBC One adaptation of the popular children’s book written by comedian David Walliams. It tells the story of 12-year old Joe Spud whose Dad Len becomes a billionaire overnight – thanks to his invention of a new type of toilet roll.

The one-off family comedy was filmed in Sheffield and EC Creative provided TV location support services throughout including on-site technicians and the provision of materials as required. We also supplied storage space for the show which included a myriad number of items from 10,000 toilet rolls to Krispy Kreme stands plus transport for items to and from location.

As professional prop makers we also created a number of props for the show, including a bespoke 40ft dining table (made from timber sheets, ragged with a mahogany stain and then finished with an ultra-gloss spray), an external sign for ‘Bumfresh Towers’ (the name of the stately home that Joe and Len live in) and a giant yellow slide made from fibreglass and steel which the Spuds use instead of a traditional staircase.

Perhaps EC Creative’s most striking contribution to the TV set was our creation of an ‘Opera Truck’ whereby we transformed an artic truck into a mobile opera stage replete with red velvet draped curtains, gold glitter back drops and ornate wing panels. We also created a range of lighting for the truck including both LED and festoon lights.

Over six million viewers watched the show which is a classic, heart-warming ‘rags-to-riches’ tale. We don’t mind admitting that there was hardly a dry-eye left in the house back at EC Creative (but fortunately a couple of toilet rolls were left over from the 10,000 we had in storage so all was well).

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