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EC Creative Services has got the competitive edge when it comes to the world of LED screens and lighting.

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The changes were relatively small but the finished design and impact was dramatic, plus the whole job went smoothly from start to finish. Ben was always available whenever I needed a change or we found a unique issue that needed solving.
I always try and use EC in my work where appropriate and indeed they have provided excellent support and equipment in many of my jobs. I always enjoy working with the team, they instantly respond to any changes I make or that the job dictates and they come up with creative solutions so that I can get the job done – exactly what I’m looking for from a scenery company and LED supplier.
Jim Ewart, Lighting Designer, BBC Sport

EC Creative specialise in TV and stage LED lighting

EC Creative has a specialist modular LED Screen and LED Lighting department to enable us to offer more versatile and less power-hungry alternatives to traditional TV and stage lights.

We hire, sell and install modular LED screens and LED lighting for any size show or event. We differ from the rest of the LED crowd by sourcing all our LED products directly from our manufacturing partners in China, which means we can offer our clients the latest and most efficient products at highly competitive prices.

Our LED products are controlled exclusively by our own EC-PSU units which we manufacture in-house, here in the UK. Built especially for TV studios, our LED power supply units are flicker free and are supplied with 16amp Cee Power Leads.

We work closely alongside designers and specialist lighting companies to investigate new and innovative ways to utilise this most adaptable lighting solution for TV studios and stage sets.

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