Here at EC we’re best known for our amazing TV scenery but that’s not all we do – first and foremost we’re a design and engineering business. For the past 25 years clients have been coming to us with their problems (although not in a Dear Deidre way I hasten to add) and we’ve been creating bespoke, engineering solutions to help solve them.

Our specialist knowledge of the entertainment industry means we’re often asked to provide answers to specific challenges – for example creating bespoke 19” custom built touring amp racks for Coldplay (pictured) – and we’re always happy to help.

Protecting expensive AV equipment is a key area for us. We understand that if you’ve spent thousands on a highly delicate piece of kit then you need it to stay in one piece.

Custom Made Protective Covers

We make a broad variety of bespoke protective covers that have a range of applications. These could be anything from broadcast standard, padded, waterproof and dustproof jackets for studio cameras through to heavy-duty, waterproof covers for outdoor 19” racking.

All of our products are tailor made (literally) to meet your exact requirements. Recently we were asked to create a suite of small padded upholstered bags for three different size radio mic aerials for a client (pictured).

Other jobs in the past few months have included two protective jackets for the Match of the Day set; one for the MOTD desk and another for their 84” touch screen. Plus, staying on the sporting theme, we also provided both the LED screen and screen cover for A Question of Sport.

We have an in-house expert upholsterer so if you need some protection for your delicates (easy tiger), give us a call on 0161 628 7723 tell us what you need and we’ll give you a price.

Flight Cases & Foam Inserts

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to make flights cases and foam inserts sound interesting (especially at the time of writing – 3pm on a Friday afternoon) but you know what, we’ll give it a shot.

If you’ve got some really expensive and/or delicate electronic equipment that you need to protect then chances are you’ll be looking for some sort of hard case (not the gangster kind, the black, moulded plastic type) along with a protective foam insert.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place because we can provide a range of differently sized cases to accommodate all things AV, from radio mics to mixing desks. The cases are built from heavy duty polypropylene and are waterproof, dustproof and corrosion proof. They are padlock-able with chunky handles and include an automatic pressure valve to automatically adjust the air within the case.

Furthermore, using our 3D cadcam software, twin-head specialist CNC machine and precision foam cutting technology (yep, that’s really a thing) our experienced designers and engineers will create a bespoke foam insert to match your exact requirements.

We don’t wear capes but when it comes to protecting expensive kit, we’re the only superheroes you need. Tell us what you need to protect along with the dimensions and we’ll design and manufacture something for you, it really is that simple. Call us on 0161 628 7723 or email